Friday, February 25, 2011

Purposeless Sex In A Purposeless Movie

1. Title : No Strings Attached
2. Release date : 21 January 2011 (United States), 17 February 2011 (Malaysia)
3. Director : Ivan Reitman
4. Starring :
Natalie Portman
Ashton Kutcher
Cary Elwes
Kevin Kline
5. Language : English
6. Genre : Romantic comedy
7. Official website : Strings

Girls are going to love it. Boys are going to want it. Perverts are going to do it.

The movie started really well with some short flashbacks about how Adam and Emma met. They were nice, sweet and simple. Then came the present days, which were still amazing and filled with cuteness between them. I could still remember how the audience were giggling and 'awwwww-ing' thoughout the first half of the movie. I was too.

But then it started to get weird. This story is about two friends who had sex with each other and then decided to become sex partners and had a lot more sex afterwards. But just sex. No feelings, no other efforts, and no strings attached. So basically they were just having fun and kept doing that again and again until you started wondering about the purpose of that story. Of course you could say that this kind of stories started happily then it got complicated and would eventually end with a happy ending nevertheless. Well indeed that is what happened. But when everything was so predictable, even the conflict was loosely portrayed with just a small amount of feelings, the only thing you could do was smile. Apart from that, there was no emotional impact.

Every single thing that happened in the movie happened so easily and every little problem that occured was solved, again so easily. You could smile and laugh all the time, this movie did that adorably. But unlike '500 Days Of Summer', 'Life As We Know It', 'Going The Distance', and 'Knocked Up', you will get over this movie in no time.

Rating: 5/10


nkecik said...

the only emotional impact was seeing ashton kutcher naked :">

Igniz said...

nkecik: thank God i didn't feel the same. haha.

iaRediL said...

well..memandangkan ashton kutcher acting...not really surprised. ade ke movie die yang best?

Igniz said...

iaredil: 'The Guardian' agak best. tapi maybe sebab Kevin Costner. haha.

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