Saturday, April 2, 2011

Malaysia's pretty woman to heat up the screen

AFTER a failed marriage and rumours linking her to several men, exotic beauty Maya Karin has returned to the big screen in a romantic comedy, Cun.
The film, directed by Osman Ali, opened last Thursday.

In the film, Maya plays a TV presenter who runs away to a small village to find peace after she caught her boyfriend red-handed with another woman.

At the village, she finds love and a bunch of colourful characters help her to become a better woman.

This is Maya's second romantic comedy after the successful Pisau Cukur (2009).

The film, directed by Bernard Chauly, made RM2.3 million.

Jointly produced by Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd and Nuansa Films, it also stars Remy Ishak, Faezah Elai, Marsha Londoh, Kartina Aziz, Ning Baizura and Jehan Miskin.

This is Maya's first film with Remy after the duo played lovers in the hit musical theatre, Natrah.

In fact, this is the film that started the rumours that Maya and Remy were also an item off-screen.

Both denied the rumour, stating that they were just good friends.

Cun is like a breath of fresh air for local moviegoers, who are badly in need of a break from horror films.

The romantic comedy is also expected to re-ignite the local box office, which has been hampered by under-performing films of late.

Of the seven local films shown this year, only two were box-office winners -- Khurafat and Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.

Two other films, Sini Ada Hantu and Kembar Siang made RM1.3 million and RM1.2 million respectively.

Haq, Ratu The Movie and ... Dalam Botol collected less than RM1 million each.

Based on Maya's track record, Cun will be a big hit.

Her biggest box-office hit was Duyung (2008), which raked in RM4.6 million, followed by Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (2004) and Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2 (2005), which made RM3.2 million and RM2.7 million respectively, and Pisau Cukur.

Her biggest flop was the little-seen independent film, Punggok Rindukan Bulan (2008), which collected less than RM200,000. The film was shown during the fasting month.

Her other films were Seri Dewi Malam (2001), No Problem (2002), Mr Cinderella 2 (2003), 7 Perhentian (2004), Anak Halal (2007), Waris Jari Hantu (2007) and 1957 Hati Malaya (2007).

Her next film is the big screen adaptation of the best-selling novel, Ombak Rindu, written by Fauziah Ashaari.

As for the director, Osman Ali, Cun was his third commercial film after Puaka Tebing Biru (2007) and Anak Halal.

Osman is better known as the indie film director who made two controversial short films -- Bukak Api and Malaikat Di Jendela.

He is currently doing post-production work on an actioner, Barajiwa.



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