Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ras Al Gul Returns In 'Dark Knight Rises'?

Remember that Bruce Wayne a.k.a The Batman had a mentor long time ago, before the same mentor turned bad and died in the hands of our dark hero? Well turns out in the new title of the bat hero, he 'returns' in a younger form.

Josh Pence as young Ras Al Gul.

Quotes from Screen Junkies

"Though the plot of the film remains under wraps, Pence’s role clearly indicates that Ra’s Al Ghul, Batman’s mentor-turned nemesis who died in Batman Begins, isn’t entirely out of the picture quite yet. "

A flashback, perhaps? It sure is.



haiqal said...

terasa mcm byk sgt je villain dlm latest reboot ni

Igniz said...

haiqal: in Christopher Nolan we trust. hehe.

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