Thursday, April 21, 2011

'Real Steel 2' In The Process?

Have you seen the trailer that shows Hugh Jackman and a robot training together for a boxing tournament? Yes, the one where Jackman gets to shout to his robot about what to do while 'it' is throwing punches like Rocky Balboa in that ring. Well, that movie is called 'Real Steel' and it will not be in the cinema until 7 October 2011. But they are already talking about a sequel!

Quotes from Deadline

"Disney doesn’t release Real Steel until Oct. 7, but already DreamWorks is getting the machinery moving on a sequel to the Shawn Levy-directed drama that stars Hugh Jackman. I’m told the studio has commissioned John Gatins, who scripted the first film, to start on the second installment."

Are they being too confident with the first movie? Especially when this is Shawn Levy's first movie of this genre. I am worried.



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