Thursday, May 26, 2011

Karak Movie Review

1. Title : Karak
2. Release date : 26 May 2011 (Malaysia)
3. Director : Yusry Abdul Halim
4. Starring :
Shahir AF8
Shera Aiyob
Along Eyzendy
Sidek Hussin
5. Language : Malay
6. Genre : Horror
7. Official website : Karak

The movie started with the four college students, Nik (Shahir AF8), Jack (Along Eyzendy ), Zura (Shera Aiyob) and Ida (Kilafairy) trying to return to their college and decided to use the old Karak trunk road which is notoriously known for its paranormal encounters.

Watching the movie reminds me of the time when watching horror movies on DVD was such a big thing. I am saying this because the quality of the picture really looks like it is meant to be for DVD-at-home screening. Either that or the quality of the camera for low light is not the best that money can buy. Do not get me wrong, I have watched Khurafat so somehow I feel like the quality of that movie during the night scenes are better than Karak's. That is just from the technical part. Many of the scenes are too simplistic or illogical that maybe logic does not even exist in their world. For example, there is a scene where Jack wants to go to the toilet. The only toilet available at that time is a toilet very far away, at the back of an alley. Who would want to go to that kind of toilet in the middle of the night? Might as well just relieve yourself at the roadside. Not only that, the toilet is so filthy with all the slimy stuffs and looks really abandoned that I doubt anyone would want to enter that kind of toilet, especially in the middle of the night. Most of us normal folks won't even think to enter that kind of place. Another thing that is simply illogical is their level of curiousity. Zura found an old necklace and when she sees an old picture with an old lady wearing that necklace, suddenly she wants to wear the necklace. Hello????...old lady, old picture, old necklace, aren't those enough warnings for you not to touch things that do not belong to you? Do not let me start with Ida. Why would she want to go to the toilet in the middle of the night to clean her wounds? She could have just let them be and clean them when the sun rises. Things are so obvious but they tend to ignore them that I wonder are they actually college students or some lost kittens.

The best part of the movie should be when all the ghosts converge and try to scare the hell out of Zura. That is the climax of the movie and with the recitations to chase away the ghosts, that surely gave me the goosebumps. Though the start of the movie was a bit slow with all the cliches and introducing all the urban legends of the Karak highway, the climax scene is surely the best. Deep down inside, I was hoping that all the ghosts would dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Though on second thought, maybe not. I would have to commend Tok Malam, the aborigine who helped them with the shelter. Looking at him, at the grave and crying, was a very believable acting. He made acting in the movie looks like a breeze. With him giving advice and reminders is very fatherly-like that I must give it to him, he is the best actor in the movie. Surely refreshing to watch. Not only that, the graphic for the movie is quite good. I do not want to comment on the head-splitting scene or the face which is full of worms. I really like the small details that they had with the main ghost in the movie, the one with the long hair and can levitate herself. If you had been watching closely to the face of the ghost, it changes alternately from a hideous ghost to the looks of a woman, maybe portraying the looks of its previous master. The instantaneous change shows the details that the graphic team give to the ghost which is very commendable.

Though the tag given to the movie, Hardcore Horror, does not really live up to its billing, it is quite an ok movie. If given the choice, it is not a movie that I would want to spend my money on to watch at the cinema, though I already did. But in Malaysia, as long as it is a horror movie, it will rake in alot of money.

Rating : 5/10


Hans said...

we're have the same opinion especially about the location of toilet and how the toilet look...
sangat tak munasabah

Review Filem Karak

Syafiq said...

Hans: Sangat2 tak munasabah.kalau nak buat cite tu at least gune la logik memang betul2 otak kene letak kat luar wayang tu sebelum melangkah masuk wayang ni..haha

Hans said...

hahahaha...jarak toilet jauh gila(aku dah pening kepala)...masuk dalam toilet(O.M.A)...kalau aku sakit perut ker nak terkencing pun boleh hilang terus rasa tu bila tengok toilet macam tu

aLya said...


Farah Janudin said...

really thanks for this review. I was thinking of watching it cause I'm a fan of Shahir (I'm that lame), but yeah I better think twice before going to the cinema.
love your review btw :)

Syafiq said...

farah: worries,we dont discriminate here,even for Shahir's fan.hehe

PerangFilem said...

Aku baru tgk filem ni.... terus review.

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