Sunday, September 4, 2011

'Karipap Karipap Cinta' Movie Review

1. Title : Karipap Karipap Cinta
2. Release date : 31 August 2011 (Malaysia)
3. Director : Othman Hafsham
4. Starring :
Gambit Saifullah
Melia Aimellia
Shawal AF
Eman Manan
Elyas Iskandar
Shamira Azmil
Afizudin Fazil
Rosnah Johari
Patrick Teoh
5. Language : Malay
6. Genre : Comedy / Romance

The movie is about Ali (Gambit Saifullah) who is a photographer for a magazine. He falls in love with Sarah (Melia Aimellia), a cartoonist who is a graduate from Al-Azhar University. As Ali tries to woo Sarah, he is forced to lie and has to do some breaking ins into his boss' house.

The movie started quite well. I like how the movie pokes fun at Malay drama. For example, they keep on using cheesy sentences and laugh at themselves. I have to admit, some of them are pretty funny, especially the scene between Ali and Yoga (P.Jagen). Not only that, they include the scene where in Malay dramas, there are always 'coincidence' between characters. Being aware of this situation, Ali monologues and tells us about the coincidence where he suddenly meets Sarah at a park! Apart from that, the characters discuss among themselves the sudden interest in changing the orientation of the magazine, from political magazine to a magazine that talks about ghosts. This is also poking fun at the society where the market for ghost stories are very huge right now while not many of us are really interested in heavy topics like politics. You cannot help but to associate Mastika or Harian Metro to this type of readers. The scene is spot on, I would say. Up to this point, it was quite promising and I was looking forward to what else this movie has for me. I like the scenes, the movie started to give me some hope that a local movie does not have to be very shallow and empty. To be frank, I did not read the book before watching the movie so I had no idea what was coming next.

Well, I should not have had too much hope actually.

After the first hour, the movie just went downhill. The movie started using cheesy lines when in fact it is the one that laughs at dramas with cheesy lines. Oh, the irony. There are some scenes that are too draggy and should not even be included in the movie at all. For example, the scene where Ali chased a thief as he was about to be the head for a tahlil ceremony. The scene seems to be hanging without any real explanation, either he got to catch the thief, how can he suddenly knows that there is a thief outside. What we know is that he suddenly returns with a bleeding feet. The movie started to get very boring with scenes like that, that do not even serve real purpose. Try to have a look at Aisya (Shamira Azmil) for example. I understand that 'Karipap Karipap Cinta' is written as a spoof for 'Ayat Ayat Cinta' but this is plain ridiculous. Aisya is the character that is supposed to be madly in love with Ali but for me, her character should not be in the movie at all. It seems like just because it is a spoof 'Ayat Ayat Cinta', so there must be two women characters, vying for one man. For me, Aisya is like a character just to complete the quota. No real impact is given by her that she is totally negligible. Not only that, it disappoints me that while Sarah is touted as the Al-Azhar graduate, she cannot even wear a proper hijab. Maybe there is a reason for that, as her name is Sarah, something that is uncommon for the ustazah fraternity and she draws cartoon instead of being involved with something that is strictly religious. Maybe she is portrayed as someone who is rebellious as she also knows some martial arts. But truthfully, looking at her, that is not something that is believable. Do not judge a book by its cover. Maybe this time, do not judge someone by where she graduated from is the theme that is being portrayed through Sarah.

While the movie started quite well, which I really like, I felt deceived starting from the second half of the movie. The high hopes that I had came plunging down like a curry puff that is thrown into the air and crashing down onto a hard rock, with all the meats and potatoes splattered everywhere.

Rating : 6/10


Ajami Hashim said...

novelnya lebih baik & entertaining :)

Hans said...

aku tak baca novelnya tapi aku rasa macam ada perkara yang tak kena di dalam filem nih

Review Filem Karipap - Karipap Cinta Disini

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